Skivers Hides AS was founded in 1992 for work on the leather market. We trade different kind of goods: Eastern Russia and Baltic States.

     Our main activity of collection raw material and producing on the 2 large contract tanneries wet blue. Now we are have several wharehouses for raw material in Western Europe and main stock and office in Estonia. Every month we are producing about 1000000sq.ft. of wet blue in
different ranges.

     We have partners in over the world, during our working we found constant and reliable partners from most famost tanneries in the world. Durning our work on the leathe rmarket we accomulate the huge experience in the production leather.

     Now we also selling finished leather specially produced our partners tanneries for our demands. There are upholstery leather, automotive leather as perforation and none, upper shoes leather and leather for garment and etc.

     The stock programm allows Skivers Hides AS satisfying customers request without delays.